职称:AI for Science (AI4S)主任
Email:cy[at]pku dot edu dot cn; ycc929 [at]MIT dot edu
研究方向:AI for Science
职称 AI for Science (AI4S)主任 电话
办公室 A410 Email cy[at]pku dot edu dot cn; ycc929 [at]MIT dot edu
研究方向 AI for Science 实验室网站



北京大学科学智能(AI for Science, AI4S)中心主任。分别在台湾大学,麻省理工学院,哈佛大学学习和工作。曾任麻省理工学院博士后、研究员,哈佛大学研究员、匹兹堡大学教授、北京大学客座教授、浙江大学光彪讲座教授、中山大学智能工程学院智能医疗中心主任教授。从事人工智能在药物、医学、化学、生物上的研究,累计发表Nature 子刊、Cell子刊等期刊和会议论文300余篇。累计被引9800余次,H因子为51。在2020-2023年入选Elsevier中国高被引学者榜单(计算机学与技术领域)。 2021-2023年入选了全球学者学术影响力排行榜,2018-2023年入选了全球World’s Top 2% Scientists。

AI+X实验室简介: 利用人工智能技术在科学上的应用。




AI for Science、图像视频处理、自然语言处理、元宇宙数字人


2004   Best Teaching Award

2007   Young Scholar Award, Biochemical Engineering

2008   Outstanding research Award

2009   Outstanding research Award

2009   MIT 100 international young innovator awards

2010   She Yan-Ping Best Paper Award

2012   Best paper from MIT Koch Institute

2013   MIT Young Scientist Award  

2014   Outstanding research Award

2015   Best Teaching Award

2016   Best Teaching Award


  详细论文请参考  https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9213-9832

Recent Years Referee Papers

1. Guanxing Chen#, Haohuai He#, Lu Zhao#, Qiujie Lv, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, GINCM-DTA: a graph isomorphic network with protein contact map representation for possible against COVID-19 and Omicron subvariants BQ.1, BQ.1.1, XBB.1.5, XBB.1.16, Expert Systems with Applications, 2024, 236, 121274 (中科院一区, 中科院Top, IF: 8.665)

2. Yiyang Yin; Shuangling Luo; Jun Zhou; Liang Kang, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, LDCNet: Lightweight dynamic convolution network for laparoscopic procedures image segmentation, Neural Networks, 2024, 170, 441-452 (中科院一区, 中科院Top,, IF: 7.8)

3. Lu Zhao, Zhuojian Li, Guanxing Chen, Yiyang Yin, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, Multi-Perspective Neural Network for Dual Drug Repurposing in Alzheimer’s Disease, Knowledge-Based Systems. 2024, 263, 111195 (中科院一区, 中科院Top, IF: 8.8)

4. Qiujie Lv; Guanxing Chen; Haohuai He; Ziduo Yang; Lu Zhao; Hsin-Yi Chen, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, TCMBank: bridges between the largest herbal medicines, chemical ingredients, target proteins, and associated diseases with intelligence text mining, Chemical Science, 2023, 13, 8693 - 8703 (中科院一区, 中科院Top, IF: 9.969, 26 / 398)

5. Xuedong He, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, Attention Fusion and Target-Uncertain Detection for Discriminative Tracking Knowledge-Based Systems. 2023, 278, 110860 (中科院一区, 中科院Top, IF: 8.8)

6. Xuedong He, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, Color Attention Encoding and Score Matching for Visual Tracking Computer Vision and Image UnderstandingExpert Systems with Applications. 2023, 278, 110860 (中科院一区, 中科院Top, IF: 8.665)

7. Qiujie Lv, Jun Zhou, Ziduo Yang, Haohuai He, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, 3D Graph Neural Network with Few-Shot Learning for Predicting Drug-Drug Interactions in Scaffold-based Cold Start Scenarios, Neural Networks, 2023, 165, 94-105 (中科院一区, 中科院Top, IF: 9.657)

8. Weihe Zhong#, Ziduo Yang#, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, Retrosynthesis prediction using an end-to-end graph neural network for molecular graph editing, Nature Communications, 2023, 14, 3009 (中科院一区, 中科院Top, IF:17.3134)

9. Qiujie Lv, Guanxing Chen, Haohuai He, Ziduo Yang, Lu Zhao, Kang Zhang, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, TCMBank-the largest TCM database provides deep learning-based Chinese-Western medicine exclusion prediction, Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy, 2023, 8, 127 (中科院一区, 中科院Top, IF: 39.3)

10. Qiujie Lv, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, Meta Learning with Graph Attention Networks for Low Data Drug Discovery, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems. 2023, https://doi.org/10.1109/TNNLS.2023.3250324 (中科院一区, 中科院Top, IF: 14.225)

11. Xuedong He, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, Enhancing Discriminative Appearance Model for Visual TrackingExpert Systems With Applications, 2023, 219, 119670 (中科院一区, 中科院Top, IF: 8.665)

12. Zhenchao Tang, Guanxing Chen, Hualin Yang, Weihe Zhong, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, DSIL-DDI: a domain-invariant substructure interaction learning for generalizable drug-drug interaction prediction, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems. 2023, https://doi.org/ 10.1109/TNNLS.2023.3242656 (中科院一区, 中科院Top, IF: 14.225)

13. Jun Zhou, Qiujie Lv, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, Dynamic Concept-Aware Network for Few-Shot Learning, Knowledge-Based Systems. 2022, 258, 110045 (中科院一区, Top, IF: 8.1388)

14. Guanxing Chen, Xuefei Jiang, Qiujie Lv, Xiaojun Tan, Zihuan Yang, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, VAERHNN: voting-averaged ensemble regression and hybrid neural network to investigate potent leads against colorectal cancer, Knowledge-Based Systems. 2022, 257109925 (中科院一区, 中科院Top, IF: 8.1388)

15. Ziduo Yang#, Weihe Zhong#, Qiujie Lv, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, Learning size-adaptive molecular substructures for explainable drug-drug interaction prediction by substructure-aware graph neural network, Chemical Science, 2022, 13, 8693 - 8703 (中科院一区, 中科院Top, IF: 9.969, 26 / 398)

16. Haohuai He#, Guanxing Chen#, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, 3DGT-DDI: 3D graph and text based neural network for drug-drug interaction prediction, Briefings in Bioinformatics, 2022, 23(3), 1–15 (中科院一区, 中科院 Top, IF: 13.994)

17. Xuedong He, Calvin Yu-Chian Chen*, Exploring Reliable Visual Tracking via Target Embedding Network, Knowledge-Based Systems. 2022, 244, 108584(中科院一区, 中科院Top, IF: 8.1388)