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Zhang Min's research group made important progress in energy collection based on van der Waals contact heterojunction

time:2022-06-15 18:10autor:click:

Recently, Zhang Min's research group published a research paper titled "A Mechanically Tunable Electromagnetic Wave Harvester and Dual-modal Detector based on Quasi-static van der Waals Heterojunction" in Nano Energy journal. (DOI: 10.1016 / j. anoen. 2022.107399). In this study, a mechanically adjustable electromagnetic energy collecting device was proposed and realized by applying pressure to van der Waals contact heterojunction. It provides a new perspective for the study of energy conversion mechanism of friction volt DC generator based on van der Waals contact heterojunction.

Device structure and electromagnetic response characteristics

Mechanical control and energy collection characteristics

Dual-mode sensing applications: electromagnetic detection and pressure sensing